18-24 hours Prior to Session

  • Exfoliate entire body to prep skin

  • Shave or wax any areas

Day Of Session

  • Shower with mild body wash or soap to remove any dirt or oils from the skin and thoroughly rinse

  • Do not apply deodorant, perfume, body oil or moisturizer to the skin. It can create a barrier and an uneven tan

  • Wear dark, loose fitting cotton,long sleeves/long pants and flip flops to your spray tan appointment to avoid unusual visual rub off and staining of your clothings.

After Care

  • Avoid any activity that would cause sweating. Contact with water or sweat could result in streaking

  • If you choose to sleep in your spray tan, wear a long sleeve cotton shirt and bottoms.

  • The life of your tan depends on how well you take care of it. Always pat try when exiting the shower and apply moisturizer daily.

  • Using a tan extender lotion can add 2-3 days to the life of your tan

  • Use a gentle non-acidic body wash to avoid stripping your tan.

  • Avoid contact with chlorine and any harsh beauty products (anti-aging/acne products, bar soap…)

Pre and Post Care products available in studio

  • Body Washes

  • Tan Extender

  • All Natural Sugar Scrub

  • Bronze Fusion Self Tanning Gel

  • Spray Tan In A Can